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SCOR is a high-efficiency multistage bypass filtering system designed to remove solid, liquid, and gaseous contaminants from the engine or hydraulic oil before it accumulates and causes damage.

SCOR continuously cleans engine oil contaminants and maintains the oil’s original chemistry so your engine is always running on new oil.  The results are extended oil life and consequently, the life of the engine is extended.


What sets SCOR apart? 

  • Solid contaminants smaller than one micron are eliminated.
  • Liquid contaminants and water are removed.
  • Base additives are replenished, maintaining proper TBN levels.


The Results:

  • Engine life extended from 25% and up.
  • Reduction or elimination of overhauls.
  • Up to a 90% decrease in oil changes – less oil to purchase!
  • Reduced oil disposal is better for the environment.


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