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Primary Specifications

Relay 24V / 180 Amp w/Flyback Supression Resistor

Product Description

Applications / Problems This Solves

  • Resistor circuit protection ensure flyback voltage does not affect control signal circuitry. A great option for sensitive electrical systems.
  • High Intermittent Amperage rating of 300 amps for up to 3 seconds making this relay great for temporary high equipment start up amp draw applications.
  • Automotive Grade Connector ensures moisture and dust intrusion is kept from control circuitry.
  • High Temperature Rating of 125C/257F makes this a great relay for high temperature installation environments like engine bays and other low ventilation spaces.


Feature Summary

  • Bullet-proof Construction: Robust automotive grade relay with IP67 ingress protection and reinforced mounting tabs ensure secure mounting.
  • Dual Mounting Holes on either side for easy mounting with 1/4-20″/M6 1.25 Bolts or screws up to #14 screw.
  • Incorporate The Highest Quality Materials for superior performance and has a high 100,000 electrical switching cycle capacity.
  • Enhanced Vibration and Shock Protection, ensures enhanced reliability and a long service life and maintains electrical system operational readiness.










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