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Primary Specifications

Circuit Breaker, Surface Mount, 70 Amp

Product Description

Applications / Problems This Solves

  • Protects Electrical Circuits from short circuit events and over-current loads, preventing wire insulation overheating and subsequent destruction.
  • Automatic Circuit Protection & Manual On/Off Switching combines dual functionality in one reliable and compact solution.
  • Allows for Circuit Isolation and Maintenance of Load Circuits by providing convenient switching and integral circuit protection capable of mounting adjacent to battery systems regardless of the location.


Feature Summary

  • Sealed Against Dust & Water Intrusion to ensure reliable circuit protection for the life of the electrical system installation.
  • High Voltage (72 Vdc) Rating: easily supports 12 and 24 Vdc applications while offering advanced protection for 36 and 48 Vdc.
  • High Electrical / Manual Switching Endurance delivers 6,000 cycles at full current.
  • High Interrupt Current: safely protects circuits connected to large paralleled battery banks with significant available power.
  • 4 Year Warranty: We stand behind our product’s ability to meet your needs.


Accessory Products

  • 901262 Link Busbar

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