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EFOY Pro 2800

SFC Energy presents the all new EFOY Pro 2800 fuel cell for premium sailing & motor yacht vacations with high energy demand and in doing so, extend the series5 range of methanol fuel cell generators.

The newest member of the EFOY family is the EFOY Pro 2800, which adds to the existing range of EFOY 80 and EFOY 150 fuel cells. With a maximum output of 125 watts (W) and a maximum charging capacity of 250 ampere hours (Ah) per day, it powerfully provides environmentally friendly power on board and sailing or powered vessel. This kind of performance transforms any sailing trip with high energy requirements into a first-class vacation and completely redefines the feeling of freedom underway. As usual, the EFOY charges all common 12-volt or 24-volt (V) battery types fully automatically, maintenance-free and quietly.

Once again, SFC Energy combines its deep expertise from the industrial sector with its years of know-how in the marine leisure market. The result is a smart and compact power generator for the highest demands of the boating community for a powerful energy supply.

In combination with the EFOY lithium battery, the fuel cell becomes EFOY Hybrid Power. A perfectly matched energy generator and storage system.

For more information regarding the entire EFOY range of methanol fuel cell generators, please contact Maritime Systems Australia directly via email at and with our 34 years of marine industry experience, we will be only too happy to assist you with your enquiry.